Mundaring Church of Christ has a strong emphasis on mission work. We aim to support missions locally, nationally and internationally. We encourage everyone to find a way to be involved in mission. The work is guided by our missions committee who take on the main role of overseeing the finances, keeping everyone up to date with missionary news and events and assisting our church to support our missionaries in the field in a variety of ways.

Financial Support

Through the missions committee Mundaring Church of Christ regularly supports many individuals and organisations. Apart from the regular budgeted support, funds are also set aside for special requests and a fund for members who are engaged in short term missions.

Finances are raised through the “faith promise offering”. A faith promise offering is simply an amount of money which by faith individuals trust God to enable them to give week by week to missions. This offering is based on faith and is beyond normal tithes and offerings because we believe God will provide the funds that we have prayerfully promised.


We believe that prayer is absolutely necessary if the command of Jesus to spread God’s word throughout the world is to be carried out successfully. Because of this we believe that it is essential that we support in prayer all those involved in mission work that we have committed to support, praying for their work and needs on a regular basis.

We hold a monthly prayer meeting focussing on missions, currently meeting on the last Tuesday of every month in the evening. Each year we also produce a prayer calendar to enable people to prayer for all our missionaries throughout each month.

Short term Mission Trips

One of our goals is to see workers being sent out to assist the spread of God’s message and we encourage people from our church to prayerfully consider what role God might be calling them to. As part of this we encourage people of all ages to be involved in a short term mission trip through a number of different missionary organisations that we are involved with.

Practical, financial and pray support is offered to assist those who wish to participate.