‘Temple Day 2017′ is happening on Sunday the 25th of June 2017.

Often as Christians we look back on our lives in amazement at how the Lord has worked in His people and church. We were reminded once again of this at out recent SGM, where the members voted to proceed with the building plans for the auditorium. Consequently we are in the final stages of signing the building contract.

For many, the decision became obvious when we were reminded of how God took our initial step of faith, as a newly formed church and multiplied it even more than we could have ever imagined. But even in the parable of the talents, those faithful servants were given even more responsibility. “For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance” – Matthew 25:29.

Accordingly we were reminded that the Elders now believe that the time has come for us to exercise ongoing faith and trust in the Lord and commit now to what was envisaged all those years ago. This is not some random ‘thought bubble,’ but a deliberate decision based on an examination of the current needs of the church, existing obstacles to church growth, and the requirements of future staff and ministries.

Specifically ‘Temple Day 2017′ is an opportunity for us as a church family to pledge/give following the principal found in scripture, “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to” – 2 Corinthians 9:7a towards the the funding of the recently approved new main auditorium.

To help in your decision, the overall goal for ‘Temple Day 2017′ is for the whole church to put aside $8300 per month in preparation for the repayments required to fund the construction of the new auditorium and offices. To meet this target we particularly ask that those who pledged last year would consider continuing their current giving ($6000 p/m) and that everyone will consider to give the extra amount required.

Temple Day’s 2017 & 2018 will also include special offerings/pledges for one off discretionary fit out expenses such as new chairs, improved security system, upgraded audio visual system, specialised stage lighting/curtains and the new baptismal.

How is all this possible?

For some, it may be a step of faith just to commit to give as you have already been doing, trusting the Lord that you will continue to have the income you’ve had. For others, as you decide to give more, it may be about reducing other discretionary expenses. And for some, this will be an opportunity to exercise the spiritual gift of giving sacrificially.

But ultimately, this vision is not about what we can do, but what God can do. Please continue to uphold all these matters in prayer before God